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Quick Pickle Kit + Spice Packets

Pickle any vegetable in a fraction of the time + with minimal effort


About Our Team

  • Andrea + Meaghan are SBA's Persons of the Year
  • Quick Pickle Kit created in 1996
  • Make your own Safe, Quick, Simple + Natural pickles
  • First time picklers can feel confident
  • 100% women-owned corporation


How We Help

  • We provide jobs for Adults with Disabilities
  • We donate portion of online sales to Nonprofits
  • Schools + Nonprofits can use our products as a Healthy Fundraiser
  • We provide education to schools - Please make a tax-deductible donation to Quick Pickle Kit through Ecologistics

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1189 Los Osos Valley Rd #6004 Los Osos, CA 93402 USA